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I am a therapist with over 40 years experience working with individuals. In my private practice I provide a safe space in which to explore the challenges you are experiencing. Some of the issues I can help with include anxiety, depression, bereavement, existential crisis, relationships, trauma, burnout, meaning and self-discovery, among others. I offer in person sessions in Paris, France and I also work online with international clients.

At the heart of my psychotherapeutic approach, each client is treated as an individual case of one. Jacques Lacan did not call his clients patients, he called them 'analysands' as he considered their position in the therapeutic relationship an active one.

This page will hopefully give you a sense of my background as a therapist, as well as information about my training and school of thought. If you have any further questions please contact me for an initial discussion.

My background - I am originally from the United States and have lived in France most of my adult life. Following completion of a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1982 from the University of Michigan and practising as a clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor, I moved to Paris, France in 1991 to pursue training in Psychoanalysis oriented by the teaching and practice of Jacques Lacan. 

I was the analysand of and was supervised by Jacques-Alain Miller, a renowned French psychoanalyst who also prepared all of Jacques Lacan’s seminars for publication, as well being the founder of the AMP (World Association of Lacanian Psychoanalysis). 

I pursued my clinical training as a Lacanian psychoanalyst by attending many seminars given by Miller as well as by various members of Lacan’s Ecole de la Cause Freudienne (ECF).

During the course of my profession I have practiced as a psychoanalyst  in the CPCT, a Lacanian center for time-limited psychoanalysis, as well as in two CMPs (Medical-Psychological Centers), with adults, adolescents and children, as well as at the Centre Kirikou, a Lacanian center for the family, all in the Paris area. 

I have been in private practice since 1982 and have also supervised psychotherapists in their clinical practice for some 40 years. I have often worked with artists such as painters, musicians, poets, and film makers. Alongside psychoanalysis, I am also a composer of contemporary music. 


Practical information

Introductory session is free for us to meet and discuss.


Weekly sessions take place on Zoom for international clients. Meeting in person in Paris for a specified period is also a possibility for international clients.


Depending on the case more than a single session a week is possible.

Sessions are of variable length, according to the Lacanian approach, and will vary depending on what is in the best interests of each client. This will be discussed at the introductory meeting.

Fee per session (sliding scale):




Supervision and mentorship sessions also available online or in person in Paris.

Mobile (WhatsApp enabled): +33 6 34 47 08 96

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